Levee Plows
Amco's revolutionary new hydraulically controlled levee plows set a new standard in the rice industry and add a new dimension to value, convenience, quality, performance, and durability. Designed with reversible gangs to build or tear down levees, Amco levee plows feature hydraulically controlled on-the-go gang tilt adjustments, completely controlled from the tractor seat. In addition to hydraulic convenience, the on-the-go adjustments allow the operator to reduce the number of passes required, saving time and fuel.

"AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. has continually produced agricultural implements such as disc harrows, levee plows and a significant number of other implements since 1947."


"AMCO levee plows are built tough with more than 50 years of AMCO know-how!"

Amco Levee Plow

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Amco Disc Harrow
Disc Harrows
The F15 Flexwings keep you out of the shop and in the field. Amco's double flexwing wheel
 tandem disc harrows are quality tillage tools that "flex" to match the contour of the field.

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